Dawn Mapper!
This is the Dawn Mapper, a utility created by me to edit and make
all the maps for the game, the editor runs on a grid based system
where you can place and delete tiles. Soon I hope to add a tile
settings option so you can edit the attributes of tiles and objects on the map!
It is being programmed in C++ and SDL/OpenGL, I hope to one day sell it and demo it to the public!

So far the mapper contains:
  • Tile Based Coordinates
  • Snap to Grid Feature
  • Tile Sheets
  • Fill/Clear Map Settings
  • Save/Load Feature (In Progress)

At the moment you can download a v0.8 build to play about with, hopefully I will add an 'Invoke Engine' option where you can run the map through the engine with all the objects and features still there, I am looking forward to see where this program will end up!