About the Project!
'Elemental Dawn' is a 2D RPG currently being developed by me,
Thomas Brown, the game is being written in:
  • C/++
  • Dawn Script (My Own Scripting Language!)
  • Lua
  • XML (Stats, Data)
  • Perl
  • SDL and OpenGL

The game is currently in 'InDev' stage as there is alot of performence bugs,
also all you can do is walk about a big map and collect gold from a chest and lose health.
The storyline is also in a beginning stage, I am currently writing the entire game design document, It describes what happens in each indivdual scene, tells the character backstories, tells how the controls work, all the GUI and all the rest...
A few months ago, a friend programmed a weapon generater in batch that made the name, stats attributes, special abilities, level required and class required, it then printed all that into a text file called 'WEAPONNAME.txt', all I need to do now, is read in those stats into the engine. If you are out there person who made this, thank you, this has saved me alot of time and work!
In 4-5 months I hope to have the engine in an early Beta stage, I will then go onto selling it and letting people demo it and feedback what they think. I have also been creating some utilities in Visual Basic, like the Dawn Scripter and the Dawn Map Editor to make generating scripts and maps easier for myself and future users.
In time, this site will be the selling point for all the products I am making, I will most likely sell them in a pack, thats if of course I even finish the game! Also I hope to recruit some artists to help make the, well art! If you would like to help in anyway, code, art, sound, please go to the Contact Page to send me a message. For now though I will not be accepting any help as they engine is now where near ready to be properly making the game, I'm estimating the engine will take another year till it's in good shape!
The game has many features to come, including: Scrolling Maps, Animated Battle System,
Companions, Randomly Generated Quests, Character Creation, Levels and Skills...
So far there is just me working on it, I'm really a one man army!